Try-On Collaboration Program



Have you ever dreamed of becoming a fashion influencer or Instagram blogger? Would you like NanaMacs to personally style pieces and/or outfits for your closet! You can receive up to 3-4 pieces a month! If that sounds awesome to you, then apply for our Try-On Collaboration Program by reviewing the requirements and filling out the application below. 


  • Must have an active and public Instagram account. There is no minimum follower requirement.
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Can create regular, unique and stylish Instagram posts and Try-On
  • Story videos featuring Nana Macs clothing in your personal style!
  • For IG Story Try-On Inspiration check out our Try-On Highlight


Per each item sent we request the following:

  1. Style each piece in your own personal way. You are welcome to incorporate multiple pieces, including non-NanaMacs items to create your outfit!

  2. Take at least one photo of yourself looking fabulous and post to your Instagram Feed.

    • Your post must include the product name and price
    • You must tag @nanamacs in the post
    • You must include #nanamacs and #nanamacer in the post
    • You are welcome to also post it to our NanaMacs VIP Facebook group.

  3. Complete an IG Story Try-On Video(s) featuring your outfit :
    Always describe the piece fully, how you styled it, where you would wear it  and what you love about it!
    • You must say and include the product name and price (please type this on your story video)
    • You must tag @nanamacs in the IG Story Post.

  4.  Pieces must be posted to your Instagram and Feed and Instagram Story within 7 days of receiving the items. We want your followers to have the opportunity to purchase the featured items while they are still in stock!

  5. Email us notifying us that you posted both your feed post and story try-on video(s) to Please include attachments with all images and all try videos. 

  6. Nana Macs reserves the right to use the information included in your post. We may use your photos on our website or through our social media channels. If you do not agree to this for any reason, please inform us in advance.

Due to the number of applications we receive, if our team is interested after we have reviewed the application we will contact you back.  We currently only contact the applicants we are interested in. Thank you!



Feel free to send us an email ( for any collaboration or featuring enquiries. We are constantly in search of beneficial sponsorship opportunities.