Returns Change Update

NanaMacs® Co. 



March 12, 2021  


NanaMacs® Clothing Co 


Effective March 12, 2021 at 12 AM PST, we have changed our return policy to better serve our customers. We have listened to feedback and realize that a change needs to be made to better serve our customers as well as the company, so the return process has returned to the previous guidelines and our online return portal will no longer be available 


We have run into the issue that customers are spending more in returns through the return/exchange portal than they were previous to this change. No matter what the return was, through the portal a minimum amount had to be spent on shipping which was more costly than the previous return policy and is not cost effective for the customer. With increased shipping expenses it is also not fiscally feasible for the company.  


Please note that all returns that were submitted through the portal before March 12, 2021 12 AM PST will still be processed through our online return/exchange portal.  


Click below for further questions on our return/exchange policy or email for more help. We apologize for any inconvenience.