2020 has been a wild year for everyone. We wanted to say thank you to our customers for still shopping with us during this crazy time and we thought, what better way than a giveaway! During the month of October, every order placed after Oct 7th received a raffle ticket. Keep your ticket handy! Starting on November 17th and going through the rest of November, we will be drawing tickets during our live feeds that are streamed on our NanaMacs Facebook page. Click HERE for terms and conditions and look below to view the live streams which already had a drawing.

Grand Prizes

All Inclusive Round Trip Vacay To Vegas with 3 Of Your Favorite NanaMacs Models

Includes 1 Vegas Show of your choice

$900 shopping spree to the YSL store

All Inclusive Round Trip to NanaMacs Headquarters

Includes $1500 shopping spree

Full Day Photoshoot

Guest Appearance on a Live feed

Dinner with the NanaMacs Model Crew

Pair of Christian Louboutin Heels

Designer Bag

Anastasia lipsticks

Anastasia lipgloss

Milani lipsticks

Mac lipsticks

Mac lip liners

Maybelline lip crayons

Morphe brush sets

Natasha denona eyeshadow

Tatcha glow sets

Tatcha perfecting sets



Black Gucci belts

Dusty pink Gucci belt

Reversible Gucci belt

Brown Gucci belts

Reversible Louis Vuitton belts

Black Louis Vuitton belts

Louis Vuitton backpack




Ipad minis

Apple watches

Custom JBL speakers

Oaui shampoo

Oaui conditioner

Oaui leave in conditioner

Oaui hair oil

Babyliss straighteners

Dyson hairdryers

T3 curling irons

Remington straighteners

Kristen ess curling irons

Olaplex shampoo

Olaplex conditioner

Olaplex bonding oil

  • Live feeds starting on Nov 17th have a possibility to contain one or more drawings of tickets.


  • Each ticket is both a COLOR and a NUMBER featured in the ticket.


  • Once the ticket is drawn, the holder of said winning ticket has 48 hours to contact Nanamacs at giveaways@nanamacs.com to claim the prize drawn. Further confirmation validating the winning ticket shall be done with the customer afterward. DUE TO CARRIER DELAYS IN SHIPMENTS WE ARE EXTENDING THE WINDOW FOR PRIZE CLAIMS.


  • After the live stream is shown, a link to the video will be posted below.

First Drawing: 11/17/20 4pm PST
Prize: iPad Mini + Pallet

Second Drawing: 11/18/20 2pm PST
Prize: Designer Belt

Third Drawing: 11/19/20 4pm PST
Prize: Hairdryer

Fourth Drawing: 11/20/20 6pm PST
Prize: Skincare

Sixth Drawing: 11/24/20 4pm PST
Prize: Apple Watch

Seventh Drawing: 11/25/20 10am PST
Prize: Gucci Wallet

Eighth Drawing: 11/25/20 2pm PST
Prize: Hair Straightener

Ninth Drawing: 11/25/20 4pm PST
Prize: LV Hat Band

Tenth and Eleventh Drawing: 11/26/20 7pm PST
Prize: LV Hat

Twelfth Drawing: 11/27/20 6am PST
Prize: LV Bag

Thirteenth Drawing: 11/27/20 8am PST
Prize: iPad Mini

Fourteenth Drawing: 11/27/20 12pm PST
Prize: AirPods and Hair Curler

Fifteenth Drawing: 11/27/20 4pm PST
Prize: Brazilian Skin Care

Sixteenth Drawing: 11/27/20 6pm PST
Prize: YSL Bag

Eighteenth & Nineteenth Drawing: 11/28/20 4pm PST
Prize: LV Bag & Hair Curler

Twentieth Drawing: 11/29/20 10am PST
Prize: Gucci Belt

Twenty First Drawing: 11/29/20 4pm PST
Prize: iPad Mini & LV Hat Band

Twenty Second Drawing: 11/30/20 5am PST
Prize: LV Backpack

Twenty Third Drawing: 11/30/20 9am PST
Prize: LV Bag & Curling Iron

GRAND PRIZE Drawing: 11/30/20 11am PST
Prize: Vegas Trip

Twenty Fifth Drawing: 11/30/20 3pm PST
Prize: Apple watch

Second GRAND PRIZE Drawing: 11/30/20 6pm PST
Prize: Visit NM Headquarters!