As a rewards member, you’ll get closer to earning exclusive
rewards every time you shop.


Do points expire?

Points expire 1 year from the date issued.

Are points earned from purchases placed with gift cards?

Points are only earned for every $1 spent which excludes coupons and gift cards.

Are points earned from purchases through the NanaMacs app?

Yes, points are earned on every dollar spent through the app, but you can only redeem rewards through the site.

Are points earned from purchases through Comment Sold?

Yes, points are earned on every dollar spent through Comment Sold.

Why are points from Comment Sold purchases not showing up in my account?

This can happen if you have a different email for Comment Sold purchases than your main NanaMacs account. The email address for both needs to be the same. 

What happend to my points from the previous program?

Points from the previous program were migrated in and reevaluated into the new program guidelines.

If past purchases prior the 1/15/21 are showing 0 points earned that is because they earned through the prior program and migrated over

If rewards are redeemed does it change or effect tier placement?

Tiers are determined by the amount of dollars spent in a rolling year since the program launch date.  Redeeming rewards does not effect tier placement.

What happens if I change my email?

Changing your email will result in creating a new nanamacs.com account. Your previous account can have past purchases transferred and your tier will will reset.