VIP Rewards

The more you shop, the more points and rewards you'll earn!

How To Join

If you already have a NanaMacs account, click VIP Rewards crown pop at the bottom of the site and select Sign In. Then login in using your NanaMacs account login info.

If you are new, simply create a NanaMacs account. Now you are on your way to earning!

Click the VIP Rewards crown pop up to view your points balance, ways to earn and redeem rewards!

How it Works

How To Earn Points


About The VIP Tiers

Redeem Points

Click the VIP Rewards crown pop and scroll down to "All Rewards", select the reward and follow the instructions!


Refer A Friend

When you Refer a Friend : You get 500 points and They get 15% off

How to Refer a Friend
1. First you'll need to share your personalised referral link with your friends who haven't yet had the chance to meet us. If they are new to NanaMacs, when they visit, a pop up will appear with a code to give them 15% off.
2. Once the friend you referred to NanaMacs makes a purchase using their unique 15% off code, your account will be rewarded with 500 VIP points.


Do points expire?

Points do not expire.

Are points earned from purchases through the NanaMacs app?

Yes, points are earned on every dollar spent through the app.

Are points earned from purchases through Comment Sold?

Yes, points are earned on every dollar spent through Comment Sold.

Why are points from Comment Sold purchases not showing up in my account?

This can happen if you have a different email for Comment Sold purchases than your main NanaMacs account. The email address for both needs to be the same. 

If rewards are redeemed does it change or effect tier placement?

Tiers are determined by the amount of points earned in a calendar year since the program launch date.  Redeeming rewards does not effect tier placement.


Points are not given for shipping costs & are not redeemable on shipping costs. No other coupon code valid when redeeming reward points. Email with questions or for more information.

CLICK HERE for the full terms & conditions.