Repurposed Fashion Necklaces

Here are our newly listed Repurposed Fashion Necklaces. 

Each necklace is one of a kind. Some can be paired together to make an excellent layered look. These necklaces have thick chains. 

The button necklaces are of older depression era buttons. Very antique and vintage. Very chic!

The longer Pendant/Charm necklaces are also of repurposed materials with a mix of new charms.

Every coin is worldly and previously owned and seasoned from around the world.

These are excellent conversation starters, as well as unique vintage pieces that you can be proud to wear for any occasion.

Fashion Button Necklace     Fashion Button Necklace 


Eiffel Tower Necklace    Coin Pendant Necklace


Necklace Combo    Necklace Combo

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