Color Me Mod Maxi Dress

It's like Christmas everyday here at! I have the privilege of opening packages with Suzy and being able to get a sneak peek at what new items are coming in. This makes me very happy! Coming from a a retail and fashion background it is so cool to be able to keep abreast of the latest trends and styles that are circulating in the fashion world.

With that being said summer time is in full swing. The maxi dresses and summer time clothes are flooding through our front doors. As fast as the items come in we are sending them back out to our happy customers all over the world. One dress that we have had to re-order at least three times is the Color Me Mod Vintage Maxi Dress, along with the Gold-Weave Stretch Belt. This combination of dress and belt created a fashion frenzy here at

You may be wondering why it has created such a frenzy? Well here's why! The colorful pattern print on the dress offers so many combinations of shoe choice and accessory choice. The dress has a soft elastic band in the waist line that offers superb comfort. The top of the dress also has a soft band for extra support and comfort as well. The dress is a mid-weight fabric that feels like brushed cotton and is soft to the touch. It also has some spandex built into it for some extra stretch. 

Paired with the Gold Weave Stretch Belt for an added touch of detail to the waistline and this dress and belt soon became a winning combination for gals all over the country. The good news is we have the dress back in. Bad news is the belt is sold out. But don't fret ladies! We have plenty of other belts that would look just as good wrapped around your waist and will compliment this dress. So what are you waiting for??? Go buy this winning combination while supplies last! 

Color Me Mod Vintage Maxi Dress

Here are some other belt choices: 

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