Fall Fashion Boots 2014 - Sneak Peak!

Have you heard the expression..."While the cat's away the mice will play?" Most of us have heard this right! Well today I am playing a lot behind the scenes while my two favorite people at NanaMacs Boutique left me behind to go shopping for Fall merchandise. I tried to protest about the fact that I too have great fashion sense and should be going in place of Jeremy, but to no avail!

So seeing that I am stuck here at corporate fulfilling all of your orders and checking in all the new merchandise that is flooding through our doors, I decided to take a moment and put my thoughts down on paper....well...our blog anyway!

 Suzy and Jeremy didn't want me to feel that they are leaving me out, so they have been sending me photos (sneak peaks) of merchandise that they have been ordering for our new fall 2014 season all day long via text. 

I decided while they are busy buying and having fun putting outfits together that I would have a little fun of my own. I am releasing never seen before photos of some boots that they ordered straight from the showroom floor at the tradeshow.

The look for fall is amazing!! Ankle boots, riding boots, and everywhere in between are gracing pages of fashion magazines, and runways. And NanaMacs Boutique will have them. Coming soon! Fun, affordable, and first!

Camel, grey, black, rust, and beige colors will be the hot choices for fall. Riding boots with zipper backs and stud detail are always a big winner. Ankle boots with cut-out patterns and embellishments  will also be calling your name.

So enough of my chatter!!! Here are two never released photos of some boots that they ordered while at the show!

Sure hope I have my job when they come back!! :)

Come back soon to place your order for these great boots!


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